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our results

Ken Llamas

Business: Social Media Agency
Started: $0/m
Roadblocks: Setting meetings with cold email and cold calls.

Result: $10,000/m

Breakthrough: Finding a more effective and predictable strategy, and using our scripts that allowed him to bring consistent meetings and then land clients.

$0-10k/m in just 36 Days in His Agency

The Process:
Ken like most others was trying to grow his agency from $0 using cold methods of outreach such as cold email and cold calling to little success. We quickly noticed that Ken’s bottleneck was his ability to set and close meetings and clients predictably. 

We helped Ken create a predictable client acquisition machine using warm outreach methods.

 Ken simply had to follow the action steps of outreach, appointment setting and then taking the discovery calls. Using the sales script provided he was able to hit the ground running.
The Result:
Ken took nothing but action on the roadmap given. He went full throttle and generated a predictable way to acquire customers almost overnight.

He grew to $10k/m in only 36 days.

Sanwal Oad

Business: Social Media Agency
Started: $0/m
Roadblocks: COVID seriously damaging his business and sending it back to zero.

Result: $13,000/m+

Breakthrough: Designing the roadmap and providing all the tools and strategies. Plus optmising every stage os the sales process.

$0-$13k/m in 30 Days in His Agency

The Process:
Sani grew from $0 to $5k in a month, he was living on cloud 9 until the following month, the pandemic happened… and boom, he went straight back down to $0.

How did we help? We laid out all the exact steps for him and gave him the roadmap and the tools needed to stay disciplined and hit his outreach. Once he started his outreach, we also helped him to optimise his full sales approach, improving his response rate, meeting book rate, show up rate and close rate. 

We also helped him fully optimise his time input and the overall project management system to ensure he was staying focused on the most important tasks at all times. We did this via time tracking sheets and management tools such as Trello.
The Result:
In September, Sani had a total of $0 cash collected for his Marketing Agency. As the close of October rolled around only 30 days later, he had collected over $13,000.

That’s $0MRR to $13,000MRR in 30 days.

Jack Shepherd

Business: Social Media Marketing Agency
Started: $0
Roadblocks: Not going all in with his agency and getting stuck at $3k/m

Result: $11,000/m

Breakthrough: Applying new strategies with consistency and slowly building out his team.

From $3,000/m to $11,000/m+

The Process:
Before working with me, Jack had about $3,000 a month in retainers for his agency as a side hustle.

After coming to get guidance I showed him strategies that are key to scaling faster and smoother. We worked a lot of smoothening parts of his operations from the lead gen process to sales and service delivery.
The Result:
Pretty quickly afterwards his agency grew from $3k/m to $11,000 a month and is growing at a rough rate of $1,000 per week extra.

carlton clark

Business:  Freelance Copywriting
Started: $0.34 in the bank
Roadblocks: In the middle of financial struggle and no knowledge about running a business.

Result: $40-50k earnings

Breakthrough: Getting the exact blueprint from start to finish and also the mindset shifts from our mentoring to finally earn what he truly deserves.

from $0.34 in the bank to $40-$50k in just a few months

The Process:
Carlton was in a tricky spot with only $0.34 in his bank account. We gave Carlton all the knowledge he needed on how to run a successful freelance business, this is so he could start his freelance copywriting company.

From setting up an optimal profile that converts meetings, to how to close clients via discovery calls, how to run clients through the platforms and consistently get 5 star reviews and how to know your worth and charge what you deserve.

Carlton took the action, dug himself out of the hole and has never looked back. He now has the knowledge to run a freelance business which could easily transition into any other service offering or into an agency with a team in a few simple steps. 
The Result:
Carlton started charging $100 per hour and earned over $40,000-$50,000 in a few months of action taking.

Now being able to predictably get customers for his writing business and having a strong foundational freelance profile where leads come to him!

Will Jago

Business: Social Media Marketing Agency
Started: $0
Roadblocks: Fulfilling service delivery.

Result: $100k in a year

Breakthrough: Finding the right team members and charging clients on a base + percentage rate.

$0 to $100k year in 12 Months

The Process:
Will was an employee at a marketing agency thinking of starting his own, when he messaged me on Instagram and we began working together.

After teaching him all the most up-to-date strategies and starting to make progress, Will found that his main sticking point was fulfilling the service. Doing the work became inefficient for scaling his agency. 

On the other hand, of the things he found most helpful to grow was charging on a retainer + performance basis, which really allowed his profits to scale as he got better results for his clients.
The Result:
Soon after he implemented these improvements, and began finding the right team members he quickly took his agency to the 6 figure per year mark!

Jonathan King

Business: Social Media Marketing Agency
Started: $0
Roadblocks: Not enough volume of outreach to land meetings.

Result: $100k/yr run rate

Breakthrough: Discipline of daily consistent outreach no matter what he felt like.

$0 - $100,000/Year During the Pandemic

The Process:
Jonathan was starting at zero in his agency while doing a full-time internship at a corporate finance job. He wanted to start something he was truly proud of.

He found when starting out discipline was one of his key traits that helped him succeed, and I backed that up with accountability and a daily list of tasks to achieve. A sure fire way to get results.

When we first started together he was doing 5 outreach a day, and then amped it up to 10 which was enough to get traction in his business. While maybe not the exciting thing ever, it’s putting in the consistent actions that move the needle.

He’s now looking to keep growing to the $20k, $30k plus mark.
The Result:
In just 2 and a half months got himself to the $100k/yr in run-rate mark, even while still at his finance job.

Nana Agyeman

Business: Social Media Marketing Agency
Started: $0 after 3 years
Roadblocks: Trying outbound lead gen and buying courses for 3 years with no results.

Result: 3 clients, 2 weeks

Breakthrough: Learning new strategies and applying them with strict outbound tracking to optimise and improve.

$0 and 0 Clients In 3 Years of trying,  to 3 Clients in just 2 Weeks

The Process:
Nana’s story is crazy! He had been trying to get his agency going since 2017 without any compelling results, had had taken Iman Gadzhi’s course, Tai Lopez’s course, and tried everything he could until he discovered our coaching!

This drive gave him the power to set things off in his business. Starting with reverse-engineering outreach based on tracked data. That gave him the predictability he needed to attack prospecting with more confidence.

One of the biggest standards he then went to set up in his agency was having SOPs in place for his contractors to make sure everyone was on board with the culture. Whether it was client communication, service delivery or everything in-between he made sure it was a well-oiled machine.
The Result:
After just 2 weeks with my guidance he landed not only his first client but quickly got his 2nd and 3rd taking him to $3,000/m.

This was especially significant because he was about to go back to his full-time 9-5 job and quit trying to build an agency if he couldn’t land his first client.

Shivam Gupta

Business: Whitelabel Outsourcing Agency
Started: $0
Roadblocks: Charging full prices directly to clients wanting ads and management.

Result: $100k year

Breakthrough: Serving agency owners as a whitelabel service and securing more deals for cheaper. Plus encouraging referrals to keep momemtum going.

from 0 to 40+ Agency Clients

The Process:
Shivam’s background was buying and selling instagram accounts, however one of his deals led to him getting scammed and reconsidering this business model. Shortly after he found my YouTube channel and wanted to start working together.

He was initially interested in Social Media Management and made it unique to him by making it a outsourcing agency! Where he whitelabels his ads and management services to other agency owners for a lower price.
The Result:
After finding his first client, they actually ended up becoming a huge referral source for Shivam and grew his business by another 5 clients almost straight away! His momentum took off from there.

He is actively handling over 20 clients and has worked with 40+ clients total providing an outstanding service!

Agustin Carozo

Business:  Web Design Agency
Started: $0
Roadblocks: Stuck in a restaurant job that wasn't fulfilling. Then finding out that SMM wasn't the service he wanted to do.

Result: full-time agency

Breakthrough: Leveraging his personality while putting in the consistent effective outreach everyday on his Upwork profile.

from 9-5 to Full Time Web Designer

The Process:
Agustin first started with a job in a restaurant counting stock, but wanted to do something on his own terms. With motivation to find a new start, he stumbled across my channel and things started to click for him.

He first started with Social Media Marketing but transitioned his agency to Web Design! When it came to outreach he mentioned the biggest thing that helped him was using his personality as leverage to stand out.

The principles remained the same for him to land clients whether it SMM or Web Design, the key was putting in the predictable actions everyday. Agustin especially liked to use Upwork and building up his portfolio and profile to reach out and attract new clients.
The Result:
Not only was Agustin able to quit his job but was also able to help his girlfriend and brother quit their jobs and live the laptop lifestyle too!

Nick Werner

Business: Social Media Marketing Agency
Started: $0
Roadblocks: Starting too slow with outreach and taking action in his new agency.

Result: 40+ clients at 17

Breakthrough: Being disciplined while increasing his daily needle-moving action.

0 to 40+ Clients at 17 Years Old

The Process:
At just 16 years old Nick had been playing baseball for 10 years, and got interested in fitness and the gym. Around that time he got involved in entrepreneurship with little things here and there before discovering social media marketing and began to see success!

He really believed his age did not matter at all and that confidence allowed him to gain momentum were most wouldn’t even take the first step.

A lot of credit goes to his discipline, which when combined with the right strategies and actions was a sure way for him to get the needle moving.

A lot of his success also came from finding the right team which freed up critical time and let him only spend 1-2 hours a day on his agency. Which was perfect for him to do outreach and work on more important tasks in the agency.
The Result:
While he started out quite slowly, once he realised that consistent daily action was the key within a month he landed his first $600/m client, and the following month was up to $3,900/m in retainers!

Nick built his agency bigger and bigger and was actively handling over 40+ clients.

Christian Granville

Business: Social Media Marketing Agency
Started: $0
Roadblocks: Doing outreach without effective strategies and not landing many meetings.

Result: full time income

Breakthrough: Improving his outreach with our coaching and tracking numbers strictly.

from Fired to Full-Time Income

The Process:
Christian went from being fired from his job, to working with me and using his motivation to start his own full-time social media marketing agency. In the middle of prime COVID too.

He started from scratch with zero dollars, and followed my mentoring and guidance putting in the action. It didn’t come without the hard work.

One month he did over 390 outreach but only landed 4 meetings and closed 1 client! While this was an amazing start, it was important to reflect on how to improve. He then made it 60 outreach a day with improvements and refinements, which landed him 29 calls and 7 new clients.

Tracking the numbers was critical to his success as once he knew his response rate, calls booked, and sales, he could predictably scale up this outreach and optimise.
The Result:
He got to $3,000/m+ in just a few months, and was well on track to hit $10k/m which once seemed totally out of reach at his old job.

Camilo Castro

Business: Social Media Marketing Agency
Started: $0
Roadblocks: Doing outreach without the correct techniques for 8 months without finding any success.

Result: to 1% earner

Breakthrough: Discovering the latest effective strategies and working with focus.

from $0 to Top 1% Earner

The Process:
This story is a great one. Camilo was actually going to become a lawyer because where he’s from entrepreneurship is not common at all. But he soon realised that wasn’t the path for him and started to look for businesses he could do.

He found SMMA and went all in after finding his preferred niche, and did outreach everyday for 8 months without any results.

Then he discovered my coaching! And actually used up some of the last money he had to start being mentored.

So he started to apply my strategies and advice, and after about 2 months he signed his first client which changed his life as he knew this was possible!
The Result:
One of Camilo’s goals was financial freedom and to live on his own terms, have luxury things and be truly fulfilled. That became a reality after just a few clients taking his agency to a full-time stage.